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We provide complete patient care: See below for a detailed description of what we offer.

Pets Seen

    • Dogs
    • Cats
    • Birds
    • Reptiles (snakes, lizards, etc.)
    • Rabbits
    • Rodents (hamsters, mice, guinea pigs, hedgehogs, etc.)
    • Ferrets
    • Amphibians


A consultation at Castledowns Animal Hospital allows one on one time with a veterinarian to discuss any questions or concerns you may have about your pet. The veterinarian will also conduct a complete physical exam, which looks at multiple body systems, and may be able to offer proactive solutions to many preventable health problems.


Using our in-house laboratory at Castledowns Animal Hospital, we strive to provide our clients and patients with the most up to date laboratory equipment. Most tests can be conveniently run at our hospital while you wait in the waiting room, or are available the next day. This provides us with the ability to detect health problems rapidly, and base our treatment off this information. Advanced testing can be done through our reference lab, and receive results as soon as they are available.
Some In House Tests Include:

    • Biochemistry Panel
    • Complete Blood Count
    • Electrolyte Count
    • Parvovirus testing
    • Thyroid testing
    • Pancreas testing
    • Giardia testing
    • Fecal Analysis
    • Urinalysis


Our hospital is equipped with a full pharmacy, which allows clients to conveniently pick up prescriptions after their appointments. For any medications that are not normally carried in stock, we are happy to write you a prescription to be filled at the pharmacy of your choice.

Refill requests should be called in at least 24 hours before the medication is needed to ensure that the drug is in stock and the doctor has approved the medication.


At Castledowns Animal Hospital, we are focused on providing services that can help us diagnose and treat our patients quickly and effectively. Our x-ray machine uses low dose radiation to produce images for diagnostic purposes. Radiographs allow us to view internal structures, such as bones and abdominal organs, etc. This can help our veterinarians diagnose diseases such as arthritis, fractures, foreign bodies, bladder stones, tumors, etc.

Dental Services

During wellness exams, our Veterinarians will evaluate your pets dental hygiene. If a professional dental cleaning is deemed necessary for your pet, our staff are fully trained to provide this service. Minimizing stress and pain is our priority, therefore, our animal undergo full anesthesia for this day procedure. We tailor our anesthetic protocols to individual patients, in order to provide a pain free and rapid recovery. Your pet’s teeth will be cleaned with an ultrasonic scaler and a polisher. Any extractions will be done by a veterinarian, and will have been previously discussed and approved by you! At discharge, special restrictions in diet or recovery will be thoroughly explained by either a veterinarian or a registered technician.

Surgical Services

Castledowns Animal Hospital provides a wide variety of surgical services, ranging from minor procedures such as spays and neuters, to fracture repairs, patellar luxation repair, ACL repair, and many more. The few services that we are unable to perform here, we will give a referral to a hospital that will help you. We focus on patient safety and comfort. Prior to the surgery day, we will always call to remind you of our pre-surgical protocols; when to stop feeding and drop off/pick up times. Most of our surgical procedures are day procedures, and your pet can be picked up as soon as they have made a full recovery. When you drop off your pet on the day of their surgery, our technician will go over the procedure with you and answer any last minute questions you may have. We will do a full physical exam and run a pre-surgical panel (blood work) to ensure your pet is healthy enough to undergo the procedure. If any concerns arise from this, the veterinarian will contact you to discuss results before proceeding.

Pet Identification

If your precious pet gets lost or strays from home, having identification is very important, so they can be returned safely to you! At Castledowns Animal Hospital, we offer tattooing and microchipping services to all of our clients. Tattoos are registered to our practice, whereas microchips are registered right to your address and phone number. For more information on these services, please contact our helpful staff!

Veterinary Diets

Veterinary diets can help manage your pets medical condition, and in some cases can be used as the primary treatment! Some conditions that the diets are designed for include diabetes, urinary stones/ inflammation, liver disease, inflammatory bowel disease, obesity, dental disease, allergies, the list goes on!

Our veterinarians are happy to discuss the diets we carry, and which one may work well for your pets specific needs.

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